Brian Versteegh, owner of City Car Cleaning

More than 13 years of experience

City Car Cleaning is the most complete provider of mobile car cleaning on location. We offer a wide range of services to include companies, individuals and non-profit sector. Are you looking for professionalism, convenience and service? We will be your reliable partner!

How we do it differently for you

City Car Cleaning washes and cleans vehicle(s) on location, you specify where you want. According to appointment with you to a fixed day and time and discuss the number of vehicles you. We also offer the ability to weekly, monthly or ad hoc vehicle(s) to plan in accordance with an assignment.

What does a customer say about City Car Cleaning

"Brian Versteegh is an expert in thoroughly cleaning and brushing my classic car. Every time when my car is cleaned it smell like new and it seems that my car is straight from the showroom. What I very much appeals about City Car Cleaning are the cleaning products used for my car, so I'm sure my classic car is in safe hands."